« Weatherproof », Antony Lyons

I received today a book by and about Antony Lyons that is hard to describe as it is 2 books in one, one per artwork that is documented, in a beautiful design that can be considered an artwork in itself.

One project, under the cover SLOW, recalls his work-residency Weatherproof as part of the Lovely Project in County Donegal in Ireland, and for which I wrote the introductory essay A Turf-stack in a Gallery.

The second project, under the cover Dead Womans Ditch Quantock Hills, refers to another residency-work Quantock Dreaming. Secret Mappings and Mapping Secrets in the Quantock Hills, Somerset, England.

Lyons’s work deals with art and science but also with craftmanship, landscape and climate change, deep mapping and field recordings, poetry and environmental and land art, slowness and time, and much more.

I am proud to have my name in this book.

Quantock Hills Weatherproof, published by Wild Conversations Press, 2012, supported by PLaCE Research Centre, UWE, Bristol

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