The Peripatetic Tour of the Nelson Mandela Garden in Paris above ISEA

The Traveling Plant @ ISEA 2023 with Eva-Maria Lopez

Nelson Mandela Garden, Les Halles, Paris

May 17th 2023, 12:00 – 13:15 CET – free upon registration, limited number of participants

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The Traveling Plant has been selected for ISEA Paris and is thrilled to discover the Nelson Mandela Garden, laying right above the ISEA venue, at the very centre of the City. Under the guidance of artist Eva-Maria Lopez and with the active participation of ISEA attendees and free audience, in the now traditional art and science methodologies of fieldtrips and walkspaces, The Traveling Plant is walked through five Stations to uncover a new understanding of this specific designed urban environment. Eva-Maria Lopez is reading the garden through some selected plants and areas, bringing to the forefront stories —historical, economical, political and botanical— that the plants are embodying. The Tour is part of her project The Gentlemen in my garden.

The Veridical Travel Around The World of A True Imaginary Plant traces the voyage of a plant —real, artificial or fictitious— around the world, telling its own story, the stories of other plants and living creatures (other than human and humans) it encounters, of whom and what it meets.

Initiated in 2020, The Traveling Plant (TP for short) started its voyage in the Kepler’s Garden of Ars Electronica before going to Barcelona and Evora in 2021.


Eva-Maria Lopez, is an artist working with the themes of nature, ecology and their historical contexts. In her projects, she explores the relationship between object and environment. Her sensitivity to the destruction of natural habitats and resources, as well as socially anchored structures in contemporary societies, is highly visible. In her work, Lopez places various realities in new contexts and thereby make them visible.



The Traveling Plant Team: Annick Bureaud, Tatiana Kourochkina, Marta de Menezes, Claudia Schnugg, Robertina Šebjanič


The meeting point will be communicated closer to the event to the registered participants.

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