« All Women Crew » on the Moon

"All Women Crew", image Quentin Aurat

« All Women Crew », image Quentin Aurat

"All Women Crew", moonbounced image Daniela de Paulis and al.

« All Women Crew », moonbounced image Daniela de Paulis and al.









As the participants to the Leonardo Space Art Science Workshop « All Women Crew » could not meet in Paris this March 2020, they decided instead to go to the Moon thanks to artist Daniela de Paulis and her Visual Moonbounce technology.

Today I am happy to share this « journey » with you.

Daniela de Paulis (IU0IDY) initiated and developed the Visual Moonbounce technology as an artistic process in 2009, with the technical support of the CAMRAS team (PI9CAM) based at the Dwingeloo radio telescope in The Netherlands. Over the years the technology and methodology she developed  has become increasingly popular amongst international radio operators.

For the “All Women Crew” project, she has been collaborating with fellow radio operators Daniel Gautschi (HB9Q), Nando Pellegrini (I1NDP) and Mario Armando Natali (I0NAA).

Poster design by Quentin Aurat


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