Ars Electronica Chronicles: Digging into a 84-page programme

Ars Electronica 2017 Poster

Ars Electronica 2017 Poster

Preparing for Ars Electronica means checking the programme to select what I would like not to miss, knowing that, once in Linz, I’ll go with the flow, unexpected discoveries, excitement, tiredness and encounter of people.

According to the organisers, as the very first line of the programme brochure, What we are experiencing at present can very justifiably be termed the Cambrian Explosion of Digitization […] followed a few sentences later by Mirroring this Cambrian explosion of digital development is the explosive growth of the program lined up for the 38th year of Ars Electronica’s activities.

Growth it is! And if the festival has a main theme —Artificial Intelligence—, it also deploys sub-threads and sub-sub-threads.

What is sure is that it has become a collection, or a juxtaposition, of various projects and topics. It seems to have succeeded in reaching the level of the ‘Majors’ —Munster, Cassel, Venice, but instead of the national pavillons and the private collections venues of the laguna, here we have organisations (ex: MIT Media lab), programmes (ex: STARTS) and formats (exhibitions, workshops, tutorials, conferences, panels, concerts, fair, and much much more).

Shoes will be a crucial item!

Don’t miss the FEAT panel on Saturday 9th at 3 pm on the FIS stage of the POST-City.


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