YASMIN Discussion: Next Step Publishing

Leonardo/Olats announces the new YASMIN discussion :

NEXT STEP PUBLISHING, Beginning Feb 6 2011

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Next Step Publishing. In the few years ahead of us, many things will change. Most human activities already include publishing digital information: be it shopping, working, relating with people, relaxing. This information will not remain in usual places (databases and monitors), but it will progressively become produceable and accessible directly from objects, architectures, clothes, and bodies. This change is drastically augmenting in speed, and now virtually every surface can become a monitor, an input device or a generator of information, mutating completely our potential understanding of our bodies, of cities, of relationships and other common (or less common) human activities. This is what we mean by « Next Step Publishing »: both a chance for pioneeristic investigation through sciences, arts and design, and to present currently existing significative practices and their meaning to both sciences, arts and creativity.

The discussion itself will transform into a live example of Next Step Publishing, with visibility inside the Transmediale festival in Berlin and at the Furtherfield Gallery in London, and will then be transformed into a cross-medial publication by FakePress.

The coordinator of this discussion will be Salvatore Iaconesi (robotics engineer, interaction designer, artist). Salvatore currently teaches interaction design at La Sapienza University in Rome and is one of the funders of FakePress publishing.

The invited discussants will be : Luca Simeone/FakePres; Massimo Canevacci; Simone Arcagni; Andrew Hudson Smith; Marc Garrett/Furtherfield

Also joining in the discussion, but to a limited degree due to traveling and faculty duties: Alessandro Aurigi; Mike Batty; Nina Czegledy.

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