YASMIN discussion : Around Simulation II

Leonardo/OLATS, co sponsor of YASMIN network, is pleased to announce the  new YASMIN discussion : Around Simulation II, Beginning Jan 17 2011 for three weeks

Around Simulation II – Simulated Senses and the Un-Simulatable

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Roughly one year ago with Jennifer Kanary Nikolova we started moderating a discussion on Yasmin about the simulation issue (“Around Simulation”). That discussion involved many people but many themes were left back. We think that this topic is pivotal in the human culture, and recently after talking with Roger Malina we decided to restart the discussion (something like an “Around Simulation II”).

This time it will be focused on some issues that were previously ignored, and we think are important. There are 2 main of them:

1) The un-simulatable. Is all simulatable? Maybe not all can be simulated and there are realms that can only be partially simulated or that can’t be simulated at all. Do they exist? What are they? And why they can’t be simulated?

2) The simulation of the senses – and in particular of the other senses than sight and hearing – in the communication and artistic processes. It is an important topic, for instance in the mediated and remote communication.

The topic will be moderated by Pier Luigi Capucci and Jennifer Kanary Nikolova.

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