annick-5wordsFiveWordsForTheFuture is a project created by Pier Luigi Capucci, Renato Alberti, Emanuele Bertoni and Giorgia Benvenuti.

As it’s title says, we are asked what are the 5 words or ideas that we believe are crucial for the future. This is recorded in a short video.

I have done the recording of my 5 words during Ars Electronica in septembre 2016 with Pier Luigi Capucci.

The exercice has been truly interesting, trying to figure out in the « noweness » what would be important to focus upon, trying to be reflective upon my own activities and my dreams (what I would like to do but not always can achieve, but may be I should try harder or differently ?). It actually opened up new ideas for me to work upon, or dig into. It has also been more intimidating than I thought it would be.

It is here, hoping it will bring you also some ideas, reflections, starting point for actions, or may be some joint project with me!

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